How to design a boy’s room

How to design a boy’s room

When designing a room for a boy, all that usually comes to mind is the colour blue and superheroes. This is not what all boys want though. Every boy has his individual personality, and you cannot convince him to like what other boys of his age like. Therefore, designing a room for a boy can be daunting sometimes because boys at an early age are little rebellious. A prolonged argument can arise about the design of the room if it is not what he wants. To avoid this argument, you must consider some important things before designing a room for a boy.

Know their personality and habits 

Knowing the likes and dislikes of your boy is very important before introducing any décor into his room. This is because while growing, he might have specific types of habits and likings. For instance, if one boy likes a cartoon character, it does not mean that your boy will also like it. There is a possibility that he might a real-life hero or sportsman instead, which means that he might want a theme around a specific sport or game. Therefore, you cannot select a design for the room that does not match the personality of your boy. Some boys like books and reading, some love space-related things, and some love sports. Therefore, you have to choose the interior design style of their room accordingly.

Involve them in the process

Letting them be involved in the process will make it easy for you to understand what he wants. You can listen to and take into consideration what he wants and you can modify the ideas according to your convenience, which will save you from any arguments. However, make sure that the boy does not have too much involvement in the process, rather a limited approach with small input. Ask him about the colour he likes most, but do not let him decide on the entire interior of the room. The colour is enough to give you an idea of what he wants, then you can decide on decor and design elements.

Incorporate his passions 

Incorporating the passions of your boy in the room will serve as a great source of encouragement and motivation, which gives the boy an initiative to achieve their goals. Some boys are passionate about football, and some love skating, so you will have to identify their passions and showcase their interests in the room to motivate them to achieve their goals in the future.

Make some space for books 

Making some space for books in your boy’s room is very important to provide him with the proper space for study. It also communicates the importance of education and how to value books and learning. Having a proper space for studying will help to develop a habit of reading and make their study time comfortable and pleasant.

Create a play zone and make it attractive

Boys are always in search of fun, and therefore they are mostly outside to play. It is not always possible for them to remain outside to play though. Therefore, it is important to create fun and entertainment for them inside the house in their room. Add a playful space in the room and add some elements that can keep them involved in physical and mindful activities. You can use a climbing rope, rope ladder, swing, and slide to create a fun factor in their room. This makes the room attractive, and they will want to spend most of their time in the space.

Create a memory or art wall 

Pick a wall to hang self-made art pieces so your boy can hang or paste his hand made drawings and memories. This gives kids a feeling of satisfaction and acknowledgement. It is a great initiative to encourage creativity skills. However, it is important to not overdo it because the design of the room will start looking cluttered and complicated.