Does Having A Water Tank Help When Selling My Property?

Does Having A Water Tank Help When Selling My Property?

If you are selling a house or even a commercial property, you need to pay attention to several things that can have a positive impact on your property rate. One of the most commonly discussed factors is the availability of water supply, through the use of a private water tank on the property. Having a 5000 litre water tank with a full water supply can add value to your property for a buyer. It will be an additional benefit of buying the property, especially now that we are going through a drought. Water tank installation cost may not be considered a luxury in many countries; however, it gives relief to buyers if the property already has a water supply system with a water storage tank. Just like the weather conditions vary from state to state, the impact of the tank on the property value will vary from area to area. So I would say you better consult with a real estate agent in your area, to find out exactly how much it will influence property rate (or how much value it will add to the property).

Why Install a Water Tank on the Property?

Water is essential for our daily life. From drinking to washing, we need water. In the past, the water pipeline system was not efficient, so people had to store water in large size jars, tanks, and other storages. However,  technology has now made it easy to get water any time, by using electric water pumps. So tanks still are not replaced, because without these tanks we need to run an electric water pump each time whenever we need water. Such a situation can cause us to increase our electricity bills. Moreover, it is against the eco-friendly consumption of energy resources. Thus, it would not be wrong if I say water tanks are essential to be placed in the houses and commercial areas to be a responsible citizen.

Water Tank Advantages for Property Owner

By having a water tank on the property, the owner can have several advantages, and these include both monetary and non-monetary benefits. By the use of a water tank for water storage, we can avoid problems raised by government water regulations. Without a water storage tank, we would have to wait for water during times of shortage. The water tank is also beneficial for a property owner to remain safe from the chemicals and other unhealthy materials, which are usually added to the main water supply to treat water. These chemicals can also harm your plants and gardens. Thus, having a water tank not only benefits you directly but also saves you from getting harm indirectly. In addition, it saves excess consumption of electricity and helps you do your part for your community, as well as the overall environment. Water tanks are also attractive in property sales and purchase process. Sellers of property can take advantage of water tanks, as buyers prefer to purchase houses and commercial property with a fully-functional water supply and storage system.   

Property Appeal with Water Tank 

Water tanks are appealing for a rational buyer of the property. Apart from selling a property, installed water tanks are also a reason for an attraction while renting a property. Let us discuss it with an example: Think about two houses offered at the same prices and locations, but with only a single difference – a water tank. The first property is providing you with the same benefits as the second one, but it comes with a fully installed water tank at a property. While in the second property, there is no water tank or direct water storage. Which one would you prefer to purchase or rent? Of course, your choice would be the first property. Why spend extra money on a water tank when you can get it in the same package? Conclusively, I would say property with additional features, particularly an installed water tank, appeals to buyers. However, it does not mean the property owner would not get any monetary benefit from a water tank. Definitely, being an owner, you can set prices a bit higher if you are selling a property with a water tank.