Landscaping ideas for the new decade

Landscaping ideas for the new decade

Gardening trends for 2020 are focused on taking advantage of everything you have and creating spaces that are beneficial for all involved, gardeners, local wildlife, and the earth as a whole.

Owners and renters of little homes, condos, and apartments are finding innovative ways to incorporate green in their lives, regardless of the size of the space.

Vertical gardening is for everyone, but if you rent a little apartment with a windowsill or own an acre of property, then it could just be for you.

Houseplants continue to acquire more and more popularity as people recognize their mood-enhancing results and how they can add to your décor. If you’d like to join the houseplant revolution but need some help maintaining your plant seedlings alive, you are not alone! An increasing number of gardeners are turning to backyard tech to keep their indoor greenery green.


Though sustainable gardening is not new, we’re delighted to find that it is a movement which continues to gain traction. During the past few years, we have seen gardeners changing to natural methods of pest management and taking steps to encourage local pollinators.

An increasing number of gardeners are turning their gardens to retreats for local wildlife, and putting in a fountain is part of their landscaping.

If a fountain is not your thing, think about including a birdbath. Birds need clean water to bathe and drink, so putting a birdbath in your garden and cleaning the water frequently will make a massive difference for birds in your area.

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