Planning for an exhibition display

Planning for an exhibition display

Business trade shows are an essential part of any business and are a great source to find new products and network with others in the same industry and even sell or buy products for your own business. These conventions often attract several thousands of exhibitors and double that a few times for registered media, potential customers and analysts.

Research the relevant shows

Every industry will have at least one exhibition showcase, and it is not rare to see different groups catering all to the one sector. Consider looking at the trade show news network which has the lists of major trade shows that are all around the world. Using your search features, you can locate the right exhibition shows for your business. Ensure that you stick to the presentations that are relevant to your business type.

Analyse the marketing budget

You are looking at a minimum of 5,000 to go ahead and put on an exhibition display with associated services. You don’t want to be skimping at an exhibition show that is not a good idea. For example, small companies in the back of a separate room away from the main exhibits, which drastically limits their foot traffic. If you are creating physical products, then consider a simple display of the products in and outside of their packaging. The food companies should ensure they bring samples, and those dealing with software should have a demo on hand and ready. If you are looking at all of this thinking, you cannot afford to exhibit then consider attending instead.

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Register early

The trade shows registration will often open up early. The best spot does get taken early so ensure that you register early if you want to get a particular place. The trade show organisers are known for the last minute booth changes.

If you don’t already have one consider hiring a PR firm. With all the analysts, media and industry insiders attending it would be a good idea to do so.

Defining the budget and goals

If you create a campaign that has a start and end date, you can set up and work out the total budget for the duration of the event campaign. There are marketing apps that you can use to make this process even easier. There is no event without having a goal. Identify the objectives and the main goal. Having a goal is essential as it will define the overall structure of your marketing plan. Get your team together and go through the different items and aspects. Ensure that the whole team is tuned in and understands just what is needed to hand out the responsibilities and divide the objective among the competent members of the group.

Find the venue and organise your entertainment

You want to go to a spacious venue. You will need large open spaces for observations and communications for a more orderly introductory session and the exchange of contacts. You can improve the appeal of your show just by adding some tributes, vocalist, or bands. Ensure these will suit your expo occasion. You can also arrange some fun activities and competitions for those who visit.

Not sure where to start when planning an exhibition? No worries consult a professional who can help you along the way and can even attend the expo to ensure things run smoothly.

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