Three fashion trends of old making a comeback

Three fashion trends of old making a comeback

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Sometimes, when we are taking a look at the latest trends or checking out celebrity outfits, we sort of feel like Miranda Priestly in The Devil Wears Prada. The reality is, there is not much in vogue that ends up being groundbreaking (florals do dominate every spring), but for 2020, we do not mind it one bit.

In general, it looks like the general aim of the next 365 days would be to have more fun with our wardrobe. Have a look at what is getting round two, then plan accordingly.

From the ’60s

Sure, feminine and classic are still cool, but for 2020, the floral print is getting a little makeover. Options will be filled with bright, vibrant colours and look more abstract, giving your wardrobes a groovy little twist.

From the ’70s

As we have mentioned, flares are back, but that is not the only’ 70s denim fashion that has resurfaced. We will also be investing in a knee-length denim skirt, to be styled with T-shirts, button-downs, and knee-high boots.

In the’80s


This print could be whimsical and slightly in-your-face, but it doesn’t mean it isn’t effortless to style. Solid-coloured items can help balance it out, or you can mix things up by pairing it with stripes or maybe a zebra print (if you dare).

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