White Contacts Preferred for Halloween

White Contacts Preferred for Halloween

Dressing up had always been a way of expression. While there’s fashion that every person prefers for their personality, impersonation or role-playing is also something as liberating. Perhaps, even more, rewarding as an outlet to recreate one’s self? Surprising as how the people may have an actual answer to that query, the Halloween celebration speaks up for the majority as the streets get crowded for those who have fondness into ‘dressing up’.

Most commonly, a pair of white contacts dominates how this dressing up fulfils its purpose. Many retail shops for cosmetic contact lenses have reported that their most bought shade in October is white coloured contact lens in general. Here’s why people prefer having white contact lenses during Halloween:

Total transformation

There’s no denying that white contact lenses alone can create a shocking look. As it covers your iris completely, it also erases your eyes’ capacity to function as the window of the soul. That is why it’s the most effective colour for those who plan to dress up as zombies to portray its emotionless expression. It gives a subtle look of having limited capacity when it comes to rationalised thinking. No matter who wears white contact lenses they will always have everybody thinking whether the wearer can still through the very pupil. 

Closest portrayal

As one wears a pair of white contact lens, it’s extraordinary effect suggests an eerie look and a creepy aura which are the most ideal traits for pulling off Halloween costumes even if you don’t have that much of a grand costume. With just little make-up, a look will surely hit the spooky category with a white contact lens. Somehow, it instantly puts any onlooker into a “Don’t mess with her” look.

Cheap costume

Last-minute decision making, whether to go to a party or not, costumes that didn’t come on time, and a look that would just need the simplest stylization through a ragged look or ripped old clothes are just occasions that Halloween fanatics propel to using white contact lenses. These lenses are cheap coloured contact lenses that make for an affordable yet fierce costume.

Not to mention, the ease in using it since it’s very easy to wear and remove afterwards. No messy make-up to watch out for if sweat gets on the way while you are busy conquering the dancefloor. Wear these contact lenses while the entire face if painted with light grey, pale or crème foundation in vampire shade with black or dark brown shadowing at the right places and voila! With the white contact lenses, one surely would pull off a night to remember in October.


Besides the zombie and vampire look you can pull off flawlessly, there are additional creepy looks a pair of white contact lens could assure its wearer. There’s a cat-eye that could lure every cat lovers’ sight that will complement that tail and furry unitard for sure. There is also a pair that highlights bloody eyes through white-featured pupils for a background which stimulates anybody who gets awed by extreme effects: the sky’s the limit. Depending on the talent one has, giving an “oomph” to the white lenses could send creativity at its finest. Lastly, most white contact lenses are the ones that have a great reaction to UV light. To make an impression at that Halloween party, while lights are on or off, blast away the night with a funky pair. It will not only be memorable, but it will be haunting.

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